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How we charge for our services

Carpet Cleaning firms usually use one of two methods for determining what to charge their customers. By the room or by the square foot. Companies that charge by the room usually do so because it allows them to book appointments without fully informing the client about hidden charges. When on location, a high pressure sales pitch usually follows. At this point they will try and increase the overall price of the job by pressuring the customer to buy add on services- Scotch Gard/ Teflon carpet protector ( a probable carcinogen that we never sell), pre conditioning ( Detergent), entry mats..... This is know as bait and switch, bait with a low price switch to a higher price. Search "bait and switch" on You Tube for more information on this dubious practice.  We prefer to charge by the square foot. Most cleaning firms that are quality oriented usually do. We are more interested in satisfying the client than tricking them into spending more money. When possible we give free in home estimates. This enables to see the work up front, and give an exact price. No surprises. When an in home estimate isn't possible we try an give an accurate quote over the phone. The 3rd option is to visit our Price Calculator. This tool enables our clients to get an accurate idea of the cost of our services while maintaining a safe social distance. This option and our contactless cleaning and payment options help to keep both you and us safe in these uncertain times . 


Follow this link for more info on Covid19 contactless cleaning and payment options and safety protocols

See our Pricing Calculator for more info on contactless price quotes

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover & Square Up

NOW offering online payment options!

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Unconditional Satisfaction Guaranteed

Best Guarantee in the State!

Our guarantee to you is simple. If your not happy you don't pay. If you have already paid, we will refund your money

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