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Why Choose Us?

Your Carpet Cleaners Specialists

We have a vested interest in the health and well-being of our customers. As owner operators we are exposed to our cleaning agents on a daily basis. We have decided to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to these products . Our approach is simple. Never use potentially harmful detergents, disinfectants or topical coatings. Over the years we have seen chemical after chemical be banned due to toxicity. At first it was butyl-based cleaners. Next it was chlorinated solvents like Trichloroethylene, an extremely toxic solvent dry spotter. These toxins were routinely used in homes by carpet cleaners. Recent research suggests that topical coatings like DuPont Teflon and 3M's Scotch Guard may be hazardous. The EPA has stated that these chemicals are likely carcinogens. Amazingly, 99% of carpet cleaners continue to use them everyday! Most firms earn up to half of their income pushing these chemicals. High pressure sales tactics, rehearsed sales pitches and deceptive demonstrations are all used to "get the sale". Proper cleaning techniques, attention to detail and workmanship have become secondary to quick profits. New advancements in green cleaning technology actually out-perform previously toxic formulations. We feel our "All Natural approach" should be the norm not the exception.

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Happy Client, Happy Us


I am thrilled with the work that Service One Carpet Cleaning did in my home. I had all of the carpets, including area rugs cleaned as well as kitchen tile and grout and all of my upholstery. The results were incredible, I had no idea that tile grout could even come out that clean! Not only was Mr. Cannistraci professional but he is truly experienced at what he does. The fact that the company uses a non-chemical approach to the cleaning made it my only choice for carpet cleaning!

Kendrya Close, Hardwick, NJ

“As extremely satisfied customers for many years, we highly recommend Service One to all our family, friends, and neighbors. Recently, we had bleach splashed on two of our carpets. Service One was able to dye the affected areas to match perfectly, saving us $2,750 in carpet replacement costs!”

Mary and Ben D. Wayne, NJ

I have 5 animals and a 3 year old and my house is completely carpeted. I have Chip clean the carpeting every 6 months. I feel like I have a new house when I walk into the house and see the wonderful job he's done. The carpeting looks like it was just installed. Most important; Service One does not use chemicals. I need to rely on that to keep my animals and baby safe while they're playing on the carpeting. Getting my carpets cleaned is not just a necessity, it's a treat.

Sharon LeDonne, West Caldwell, NJ

'We recently used Service One for the 3rd time to clean the carpets in our home. They are courteous, reliable, friendly and leave our home looking wonderful. We are always amazed at how clean the carpets look after Service One has been. We chose Service One as we did not want the use of chemicals in our home. We keep using them because of the high standards they maintain and the look of our carpets when they have been.

C. McGovern, Morris County'

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