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      At Service One we understand your concerns, We have taken steps and protocols to keep both you and us safe.


1. Please inform us if anyone in your home is sick or not feeling well, we will do the same

2. At you request we will wear face masks/coverings when in your presence.

3. If you are sick we ask that you stay clear of the area that we are working in. If you need to enter the area/room where we are working please wear a mask/face covering- we will do the same. Please alert us as you enter the area

4. We frequently and continuously apply hand sanitizer as we process your job

5. Our process involves extraction of your carpets/furniture/floors with live steam. This coupled with our naturally based cleaning agents sanitizes without the need for additional sanitizers or disinfection products. We will gladly add a sanitizer to our cleaning process free of charge- pleas let us know if you desire this option.

6. We offer no contact service and payment options. We will gladly perform your cleaning/service with out you present. Inform us ahead of time and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Thank you for you understanding and cooperation

Charles Cannistraci

Service One

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